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OuV2 - The Original You,. Virtual Too.
OuV2? - The,. online virtual world community for the discerning human,. game.
Peoples Assembly you too!


Got yourself a Quaker HaT yet?

Well,. get yourself one,. or.. a half a dozen or so.

One for every day of the week while you are at iT.


Were you able to understand your oneness with the universe gifted all living life as you stood before the sign at the crossing? - Were you able, to understand what it said, by what it, meant? - LiFe,. obviously, iS the GiFT!
Sign At The Crossing - - DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING,. domainer.. The RaGe!
Sign At The Crossing -

DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING,. domainer!  - Get your Cathedral On,. LIVE! - Rent Space and Time - PRETEND as you like!
Well,.ok.. why to PRETENDing when TRUTH as the GiFT LiFe standing obvious,. frees ALL!
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Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!

Connect the likeminded interested you found socialiZing to YOUR domain BASE.

Niche Market - MuLTi TheMe

Have you found as you see fiT!



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Flowery BuLLsHiT..
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and.. updating here,.
FAMED DOMAINS - The Original You! - The ONLY SOLID BOTTOM you EVER DiD Need,. found!